It is no secret that living in this day and age, it's expensive. Especially in Colorado. Heck, I just went to the grocery store to buy a Valentine's Day card, some of which were $10... For a piece of folded paper with words on it. Madness I tell you. Madness.


Certain cities are more expensive to live in than others in the United States and Denver, Colorado is one of those expensive cities to live in. A recent study done by highlights what you would need to make when it comes to income to be considered "lower middle-class". In some of these cities, you would need to make around $150,000 to fall into this category.

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How much would you need to make in Denver to be considered lower middle-class?

Denver sits just outside of the top 20 most costly cities on list at 21. To be considered lower middle-class in Denver, your income would have to be between the amounts of $57,235 and $95,392. While this seems like a lot of money, these numbers are for combined household income. That may be bad news if you are single and living in an apartment, however.

To be on the upper spectrum of the lower middle-class classification in Denver, a two-income household income equates to approximately $47,600 per year, per person. When looking at this list of what is considered the lower middle-class, other cities such as Arlington, VA, San Fransisco, CA, and San Jose, CA are on the very top of the list with a minimum household income of $90,000 would be needed to fall into the lower middle-class category.

See more on what you would need to make by city to be considered lower middle-class at

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