The Loveland man suspected of making pipe bombs in his home served 13 years with the Colorado National Guard as a Captain of Special Forces.

New details are emerging about Bradley Bunn's past. The Denver Post is reporting that Bunn  served in the Colorado National Guard special forces unit, rising to rank as a captain from 1994 - 2007. In court on Wednesday (May 6) Bunn's attorney, Matthew Golla, said that Bunn is a veteran of the U.S. Army and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after serving in the Iraq war.

Bradley Bunn, 53, is facing a charge of possessing destructive devices with a possible prison sentence of 10 years, according to the Greeley Tribune. A warrant was executed on his home, where FBI agents discovered four pipe bombs and two one-pound containers of .308 caliber gunpowder in his vehicle.

The prosecuting attorney in the case believes Bunn should be kept locked up because he is a danger to others, especially to law enforcement. The Denver Post is reporting that he told an officer he would "fight to the death" to keep his stockpile of guns for the "upcoming war." Bunn is being held with the option to go to an inpatient facility managed by Veteran's Affairs. However, at the time of publishing, they hadn't made a decision.

Bunn is scheduled to be in court on Monday.

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