There is cool stuff and then there is really cool stuff and I think this falls into the latter category.

A mother and daughter team from Loveland recently made Southwest Airlines history when they both piloted a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver to St Louis.

Captain Holly Petitt (mother) and first officer Keely Petitt (daughter) made some really neat history on July 23rd when they flew together on that historic flight.

Holly started working in aviation as a flight attendant for another airline many years ago but after a short time, she began her journey with Southwest Airlines 18 years ago and hasn't looked back.


After watching her mom do some pretty neat stuff, daughter Keely was really interested in learning more about what here Mom did so she went on a discovery flight and the rest as they say, is history.

Keely recently completed her pilot training in May, earned her wings and just made some really cool history with that Denver to St Louis flight.

There aren't a lot of women pilots out there so to see two together and a mother daughter combo is just all sorts of awesome.

To Southwest's credit, they along with other airlines are providing initiatives to give more ladies inspiration and opportunities to be in the cockpit and captain flights and that is just one more reason to love this story.


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