For the sixth year in a row, the Loveland Dairy Queen is bringing home top honors for being the top treat-selling location not only in Colorado but in the entire world. The Dairy Queen located at 300 East Eisenhower Boulevard is no stranger to being busy, but this Dairy Queen is on a whole other level.

I could only imagine that other Dairy Queen locations across the United States would love to receive this top honor once and the Loveland Dairy Queen has done it six times. Talk about being on top of your game.

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The Loveland Dairy Queen has announced that they will be celebrating the great news with their customers on February 19 with a celebration sale. This sale is going to be all about Dairy Queen cakes. On February 19, 2024, when you purchase one cake, you will be able to get another cake for free to use at a later date.

We are continually grateful for the support of our Loveland community.
Six consecutive years at the top would not be possible without our dedicated staff, wonderful customers and the massive amount of soft serve we serve each year. We love you Loveland!
Dairy Queen said in a Facebook post on February 1.

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