The Longmont Police are asking for help identifying a person of interest in a suspected arson investigation. The man they are looking for was caught on surveillance footage taken in an alley this past Saturday morning located near the sight of the suspected arson attempt.

The alley behind 380 Main Street is where police are saying a fire was deliberately set at around 4 a.m. Saturday morning. Fire damage to the building was located on the second floor. Longmont police have released the security footage in hopes that someone is able to identify the man.

Longmont police also responded to a second fire to a car located in the 800 block alley between Bowen and Gay Streets about an hour later. It is currently unknown if the two fires are connected.

Longmont police are asking for the help of the community to help identify the man in the footage. If you happen to have any information, please contact Longmont Police Detective, Sandra Campanella, at 303-774-4720

Source: Times Call

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