The Front Range has experienced an increasing number of thefts in gyms with lockers.

"The suspect(s) go into the facility and past the front desk to the locker room. The suspect(s) then cut the locks off of secured lockers and take the contents. The items inside the locker almost always contain a set of vehicle keys and a wallet. The suspect(s) then goes to the parking lot, locates the associated vehicle and takes it. Once mobile they immediately use the credit cards from the locker (or credit cards they find in the vehicle) at a retail location to make large purchases."

-Longmont Fire, Police Facebook Page

Longmont Police are asking front desk staff for gyms to be wary of people without membership to their facility.

If you work out and want to have the peace of mind that your valuables won't be stolen, police suggest NOT leaving valuables in gym lockers, even when you have a lock.

"If you belong to a gym, please do not leave valuables (i.e. your car keys and wallet) in the locker. Report any suspicious parties to a member of staff or management at the facility."

-Longmont Fire, Police Facebook Page

If this awful situation does happen to you, contact the local police with your license plate and the direction of where the vehicle went (if known).

The Longmont Emergency Communications Center number is 303-651-8501.

Earlier this year, police warned about these suspects stealing from local gyms.

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