Living Lush in Timnath: Inside a Million-Dollar Home [PHOTOS][/caption]Timnath is seemingly the hottest new place to buy a home in Northern Colorado, and it's no secret that some households are living super luxuriously.

I toured just a few homes this past weekend on the Parade of Homes, one of which was this nearly $1.3 Million ranch-style home in Timnath on Ridgeline Drive. The website doesn't show photos of the inside (only sketches), but lucky for you I took some photos of the gorgeous house.

This is way too far out of my budget (I could maybe afford a tiny home if I lived paycheck to paycheck for 2 years), but it's always so much fun to dream and pretend these super-fancy homes are mine when I walk through them.

I feel weird calling this home a house because it was really more like a mansion - it has 4 bedrooms (actually I think I counted 5 when I walked through) and 6 bathrooms in the 4,485 square-foot space. Each bathroom has its own personality, as seen in the exotic tile designs below. There's also a small workout room and yoga studio, projector screen in the basement, wood finish ceilings with a lot of personality, a mini bar, and more. One of my favorite things walking through this home is the materials that were used for the carpet, ceilings, and tile - they're all so beautiful and really add a lot of personality to the home, which is something I'd like for my own abode one day.

Also, I know model homes and those on the market are staged with furniture, but the furnishings they chose for this home also added to its grandness (they put in a shuffleboard table!). Check out the photos I took below. 

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