You love to win. We love to hook you up with the prizes. This fall, one of your favorite games is back and this time you have even more prizes to decide from!

K99's Last Prize Standing is back and it all kicks off on Monday morning (September 18th) with the first prize being unveiled with the Good Morning Guys at 9am!

Want to know how K99's Last Prize Standing works? Here's all the details you need...

  • Listen each weekday (starting Monday, September 18th) at 9am-11am-1pm-3pm-5pm-7pm to hear a prize that is unveiled, and behind what box it is hidden under.
  • A total of 60 prizes will be unveiled over two weeks, with the final day of prizes being announced Friday, September 29th.
  • You then have to listen starting on Monday, October 2nd at 9am-11am-1pm-3pm-5pm so YOU can eliminate a prize off the gameboard! That's always...YOU get to decide what the final grand prize is! The final day to eliminate prizes is Friday, October 20th!
  • And this time, we will have FIVE grand prizes that will be given out at the Last Prize Standing finale at the end of October!

It's that easy...and you get to decide it all!

It's Last Prize Standing, kicking off on Monday, September 18th with Colorado's New Country K99!

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