As the temperature drops in Colorado, you need to adjust how you take care of your lawn differently.

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You may have noticed that your lawn is not growing as quickly as it was in the summer, which is nice because, personally, I have been sick and tired of mowing my lawn twice a week.

Last Cut of the Season


The experts over at Weed Man have a very simple answer to stop cutting your lawn. You should stop mowing your lawn when it stops growing.

Generally, when your grass is tall enough to mow, go ahead and mow it. I am that guy who will look at his backyard with his hand on his hips. Yes, I am that guy, and yes, my girlfriend teases me for it.

Just look at your lawn. When you know, you know.

If your lawn is anything like mine though, you should ideally have one last mow. The reason why is because my grass, and maybe yours, grows unevenly.

Look at the Leaves


Another great tip is to look at your surroundings. Experts say that when trees have lost half of their leaves, it is time to put the lawn mower away for the winter.

A Little Bit of Backstory

This year, I moved into a home with a yard for the first time since I was 12 years old. I have learned a lot during this summer. I have made plenty of rookie mistakes, and I am not going to play around when it comes to preparing my lawn for the winter.

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