Larimer Humane Society and Crossroads Safehouse are teaming up to keep Northern Colorado pets safe.

Titled the Safehouse Safekeep Program, victims of domestic violence being protected through Crossroads are now able to house their pets for up to two weeks at the humane society for free.

"We recognize that humans are rarely the only victims when domestic violence is present," said Judy Calhoun, CEO of Larimer Humane Society. "... we are honored to serve as a resource for individuals so that the choice to escape an abuser never hinges on the fear of leaving a pet behind."

Lisa Poppaw, the Executive Director of Crossroads Safehouse, explained that many domestic violence victims choose to stay with their abuser so they do not have to leave their pet behind.

This new partnership will help to eliminate that roadblock in leaving an abusive relationship.

The partnership itself is part of the humane society's "Better Together" program, which provides resources and options for pet owners in need, who might otherwise have to give up their animal.

Calhoun pointed out that the human-animal bond is pivotal in times of crisis.

With this new program, not only will the victim be able to find some peace of mind, but the pet will, too.

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