Larimer County Corrections Deputies were injured while dealing with an aggravated inmate at the corrections center.

Larimer County Corrections Deputies Injured iStock
Larimer County Corrections Deputies Injured iStock

Inmate Scott Pettigrew was caught taking apart the vent in his cell to create a tool that he used to break down the mortar between the cinder blocks. Deputies decided it was best to move Pettigrew to a more secure area, Pettigrew said he would fight if they did.

When it came time to move Pettigrew, the Special Emergency Response Team or SERT were there to handle the move. SERT members wear protective gear and are specially trained for situations like this.

SERT members entered the inmates cell and asked him to cooperate, Pettigrew told them again that he would fight if they tried to move him. As they approached him, Pettigrew began kicking and punching them. Eventually the deputies had to use the Taser on Pettigrew.

According to a press release from the Larimer County Sheriff's Office, two deputies suffered injuries during the event. One with pain and swelling to the jaw and the other suffered pain and swelling of the eye along with a bloody nose. Pettigrew had some swelling and bleeding of his knuckles from fighting the deputies.

Pettigrew was finally successfully moved to a more secure area.

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