Say what you want about "Global Warming," but it is a fact that our weather is getting hotter each year. Could this be a trend or just a thing?

Let me first start by saying that I am not one of the "Oh my lord, the sky is falling" type of guy but common sense tells me that if glaciers are receding, which they are, is because ice melts when it gets warm.

That being said, glaciers have been "receding" for thousands of years as we know. Yosemite is good proof of that and we have seen marvels all over the world caused by glaciers that have carved their mark and no longer exist.

I would also think though with as many people as we have on earth today, added to the rate of the industrial revolution, it would only make sense that things are going to warm up. I'm no scientist, but it would seem logical that perhaps the ozone layer does get chewed up over time.

NOAA, NASA and the Japanese weather agency have all agreed that this past July was the hottest month Earth has ever seen since 1880. Drought is nothing new but it's also a fact that Lake Mead has reached record low water levels and Lake Powell is not fairing much better.

The oceans drove the globe to record levels. Not only were the world's oceans the warmest they've been in July, but they were 1.35 degrees warmer than the 20th-century average. The heat hit hard in much of Europe and the Middle East. It was the hottest July on record in Austria, where records go back to 1767. Parts of France had temperatures that were on average 7 degrees above normal and temperatures broke 100 in the Netherlands, which is a rarity. And an Iranian city had a heat index (the "feels like" temperature) of 165 degrees, which was still not quite record.

Let's not panic! Although Antarctica has lost about a 1/4 of it's ice, it took 100 years for that to happen. However, the industrial revolution, and population, was a fraction of what it is now.

The polar bears will be just fine and we won't be dying in a mass inferno anytime soon. But, it is a fact, Earth is getting warmer, not colder, and only time will tell if this is a trend or something to truly be concerned with. Will it be too late though if it's not a weather trend?

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