Hard to believe it's been almost a year since I rode out to Topeka KS with Kenny Oldson, Jay Tamlin and Chad Blanco to express our right of free speech on the doorstep of the westboro baptist church and we proved to all the doubters that we didn't need permission and/or permits to be on a public sidewalk with my American Flag and many across the country responded.


Hard to put into words what has transpired over the last year but it's mind boggling to many across the country to say the least.  Journey 4 Justice members have been travelling to Topeka KS to express their right of free speech from all part of this great Nation.  From Colorado to New York, Mississippi, Texas, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, Ohio, Missouri and many of these states have multiple teams.

For those of you have never seen the original story that launched all this or forgot please check out that original story titled Charley Barnes and Buddies Go Behind Enemy Lines.  When your done reading that story read the 677 comments for a better idea of why this group was formed and withing the first 50 comments you will understand.

I will again be riding out to Topeka that first weekend of June for the one year anniversary to represent Colorado 1 and this great country of ours to again stand up to hate and wave my flag as high and proud as I can in the face of evil!  Those of you who wanted to do this now is your chance to ride/drive out and honor your commitment you made last year or become a new member.

Many think this is just a 'motorcycle' group but that is far from the truth.  The truth is it's just the most affordable way for many of us to make the trip.  You can trailer you bike out, drive, fly, hitchhike or take a bus or share expenses and travel together with your friends.  How you get there is not the concern...getting there is because we ARE making a difference but we need your help along the way.

I will be leaving early Friday June 1st and coming back Sunday the 3rd or Monday the 4th and I would love to see many of you come along.  Ride/Drive along with us or just meet us in Topeka because I can assure you it will be a trip you won't soon forget and if you don't believe me ask ANY of the teams who have been there.  It will be one of the most proudest moments of your lives when you make a statement to America's Most Hated Family that what they do is NOT acceptable!

What we do is 100% legal and if you've been following along, no one has been arrested or anything of the like because as we proved a year ago...IT'S YOUR RIGHT TO DO SO and the wbc can't do a thing about it nor can the Topeka PD.  We are even represented by the Suhre Law firm so we are as legit as they come!

You can either be a part of a problem by not taking a stand or part of a solution and take a stand as a proud America citizen who treasures the difference between right and wrong.  If you think it's OK for the westboro baptist church to picket a funeral then this group is probably not for you but if you believe in our Constitution and what it stands for and proud of the American Flag then this group IS for you because let's face it...What J4J is doing has never been done before and without you, there is no Journey 4 Justice.

My children will be going on this trip and if a 12 year old can stand up and hold a flag then so can you.

A year ago there were up to 200 people who said they wanted to go and not one showed up so my hope is this year will be different now that we have proved WE have the same rights as those putrid scoundrels in Topeka have and yes, they hate us with a passion.  IT'S AWESOME!  I have never loved to be loathed so much and until you make the trip...you just won't understand!

This is the one and only call on this; I won't beg.  If you want to go with me then send an email and be a part of the plan.  If there are enough people I'm sure I can work a discount with the hotel we use {but will need to know SOON} or you can camp/rv at the Topeka KOA {Site of our 2012 National Rally} or stay with friends.

If you are interested and want to attend the One Year Anniversary Ride the first weekend of June with me please send an email to charley@k99.com so I can include you on the email list and we can plan accordingly.

Last but not least, I hope to see this story shared on many pages in the following week and it's my hope that many of you still have that same desire you had a year ago when you joined and if you haven't joined yet I hope you will.  You can be a team of one or a team of 20. Colorado 3, Nebraska 2 and Texas 3 each have as many as 18 on their teams that have made the trip not once, but twice.

Are you ready to make the 'Journey?'

[You can search Journey 4 Justice here on the K99 website to see all the stories written over the course of the past year with many stories and pics.]

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