It seems that lately, we find ourselves hearing more and more warnings regarding contaminated cannabis products here in Colorado. Now, a product that you may have purchased at a Colorado dispensary has been found to have some unfortunate side effects and because of this, the company has stopped producing that particular product.

Keep reading so you know what to look for in your medicine cabinet.

Check Your Medicine Cabinet for this Colorado Sleep Aid

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If you happened to have purchased a product called Midnight from a brand known as 1906, you might want to reconsider taking it.

Midnight was a sleep aid that, because it contained THC, was sold in dispensaries in Colorado. However, production has since stopped due to another ingredient's unfortunate side effects.

Originally, Midnight's active ingredient used for its properties in aiding sleep was an extract called Corydalis rhizome. However, 1906 discovered that this particular ingredient was known to cause something called hepatotoxicity, which essentially equates to liver damage.

Upon finding this information, the company replaced Corydalis rhizome with an extract called Stephania. However, it has now been reported that Stephania could also be damaging to one's liver.

After making this discovery, the company stopped making the Midnight brand altogether, although you can still learn about it on their website.

It would appear that 1906 is working on an alternative sleep aid that will contain neither of the previously recalled chemicals, but instead only THC and CBN, both of which come from marijuana.

In the meantime, it might be a good idea to check your medicine cabinet and make sure you aren't taking either of the chemicals known to cause serious damage to your liver.


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