It's that time of year Colorado photographers live for. Sunflower season. These large flowers follow the sun throughout the day and are loved by many. Sunflower season is taken advantage of by many who are looking to get high school senior, engagement, family, landscape, and other types of photos.

sunflower field in rural minnesota at sunset
lavin photography

The flowers bloom in late summer and now is the time to check them out. The most popular location to take sunflower photos is near the Denver International Airport. The sunflower field is located 5 miles off of the E-470 exit on 56th Ave.

According to Only In Your State, there are no privacy restrictions on the field which make it a popular location to visit for photographers looking to capture the beauty of the sunflower. However, this post was recently published from Adams County Sheriff's Office pertaining to sunflower fields:

If you do choose to head to a sunflower field, please make sure that you take care when on location and do not enter the fields. Do not leave trash behind and do not take the flowers.

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