Nine months of planning, 3,569 participants and 76,000 sticks of chalk went into the colorful street mural that earned the city of Greeley a Guinness World Record for completing the longest chalk pavement drawing ever. 

Taking place this past September, the huge collage of drawings spanned for 3.55 miles, with chalk art covering multiple parking lots at UNC and crossing over the intersection at 11th Avenue and 22nd Street. Participants of all ages showed up, some coloring in just a square, while others spent hours creating elaborate scenes out of chalk.

The German city of Jena was the previous record holder since 2009 – Greeley was able to beat them out by 400 feet for this title. This is the second attempt that Greeley has made to earn this record.

The Chalk-a-Lot event was first created as a way to draw attention to Greeley's art scene. To celebrate the big achievement, the city of Greeley will have a party from 4-6 p.m. on Thursday, December 10 at the City Hall. There will be chocolate cake, souvenirs for sale and instructions on how to get a copy of the Guinness World Record certificate. The party is open to the public.

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