Jiroemon Kimura may not have the record for longest living human being but he does hold a record, of sorts. Is there a secret to good health, good luck or both?  Sometimes, longevity comes to those you'd least expect.

Jiroemon Kimura just celebrated another birthday last week, his 116th to be specific.  Not only is this mind-blowing anyway, but here in 2013 I had to wonder how many were still alive that were born in the 1800's.

Answer: One! Jiroemn Kimura is the last man alive born in the 19th century according to the Guinness Book of World Records making him the oldest living man in verified history. I can't even imagine the changes this man has seen during his life.

The record for longevity though goes to a French woman who smoked heavily until she was 100 and then dropped back to one smoke a day thereafter; she lived to see her 122nd birthday.  Then there is a woman in Texas who at 105 says a daily dose of bacon is her secret and I remember as a kid there was a man who at 109 still drove, played some golf, smoked a cigar everyday and always one shot of whiskey.

How about your family? Anyone over the century mark?

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