There is no doubt some amazingly brave people in the world.  The same could be said for crazy people but what happens when you put them both together?  This!

Joe Sylvester proved he is probably a little bit of both; brave and crazy that is.  Driving a monster truck is probably one of the most violent things you can do to your body but to jump a 10,000 pound monster almost 250 feet is just, well, WOW!

Check out this video of Sylvester hitting the ramp at 85 mph in his 'Bad Habit' Monster Truck and soar like an Eagle. Keep in mind that the actual land speed record for a monster truck is 86 mph so that will give you an idea as to the caliber of this stunt.

For the record, this jump of almost 238 feet bested his previous record of just over 200 feet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Travis Pastrana will give this one a try in his own monster truck.

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