Every morning when I get to the station there is an email waiting in my inbox telling me what has happened on this day in history, whose birthday it is, and also what "day" it is. There is a "day" for just about everything, and if I told you what "day" it was everyday it would probably get kind of annoying. From National Unicorn Day to National Eat Your Veggies Day, its gets to be a little much. Today though, is a special day for carnivores like myself. National Prime Rib Day! In celebration I ask you where the best prime rib is at?

I really wish I had a story about how grandma used to make a big ol' prime rib the last Sunday of every moth for the whole family, and it was a big celebration. But I don't. Actually, until I was about 16 I thought prime rib was something to do with ribs, and I had it in my mind I hated ribs, so I then in my head I also hated prime rib. It all changed for me one night in my teens when I went to a banquet of some sort with my dad and they had prime rib. It was like a big, rare, juicy steak! I ate myself sick, and I love it to this day (I also like ribs now too).

So Shawn, who do you think has the best prime rib? Well, I really feel like prime rib is one of those things that is almost impossible to mess up. God made it perfect already, and all you have to do is make it hot, so unless you burn it, its going to be good to me! Sure, some are better than others. My favorite is at the steak house at the Rio in Vegas. But lets keep this thing local. Austins Homestead at Water Valley in Windsor has an all-you-can-eat prime rib buffet on the weekends, and I would have to say that tops my list!

Your turn!

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