Americans has always had a love affair with the Oreo cookie. It seems to be as American as baseball and apple pie. When I was a kid we had just one kind of Oreo. The plain old traditional Oreo, which is still my favorite. Later came the Double Stuff Oreo and Mint flavored Oreo and Double Fudge Oreo. There are now dozens and dozens of flavors from Swedish Fish to Cherry Cola Oreo. I think it is getting a bit out of hand. I will stick with the original.

Today is National Eat an Oreo Day. I will go for the original and just eat it straight up. I am not a twister or dunker. How about you? Do you stack them? Do you twist AND dunk? Do you hate Oreo's. Place your vote and be heard. Happy Oreo Day. Enjoy and just don't go to the dentist right after celebrating. They hate that.


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