The weather has been very dramatic this summer in Colorado. Here are a few highlights from this summer.

  • Nearly daily thunderstorms.
  • Downtown Fort Collins flooded.
  • A major hailstorm injured over 100 people at a Red Rocks concert.
  • Many concerts and events have been postponed due to thunder and lightning.
  • Triple-digit heat waves.
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Recently, I was at a Colorado Rockies game. Due to thunderstorms, the game was postponed. You have to wait by the concessions before it is safe to return. I had the same experience when I attended Ed Sheeran's attendance record-breaking concert at Mile High Stadium.

You know what they say: If you hate the weather in Colorado, just wait five minutes.

Let Us Take A Look At the Positive

These large rainstorms have helped reservoirs in Northern Colorado. Draught conditions have also improved.

I don't remember the last time I have seen as many rainbows in the summer. I have seen a handful of double rainbows as well.

I believe the most gorgeous rainbow I have seen this summer was at the season opener for Colorado State Football in Fort Collins, Colorado. Sure, the Rams lost 50-24 against Washington State, but I had a great time attending the game.

A Double Rainbow Over Canvas Stadium

Credit: Tanner Chambers/TSM
Credit: Tanner Chambers/TSM

It was cool to see this double rainbow over Canvas Stadium. Fans around me were looking at the rainbow nearly the entire game. At one point, I heard a fan yell, "it turned into a double! A double rainbow!".

It was quite remarkable, and it was an extremely exciting way to watch the game.

How Do Rainbows Happen?


According to the National Geographic Society, this is how rainbows work.

Light entering a water droplet is refracted. It is then reflected by the back of the droplet. As this reflected light leaves the droplet, it is refracted again, at multiple angles.

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