This photo of a flyer wanting to ban a beer festival in Golden, Colorado has totally gone viral. The beer festival, UllrGrass, takes place in Parfet Park in downtown Golden has come and gone. But one concerned citizen took it upon themselves to put a flyer up at a Clear Creek trail sign.

The flyer wanting to ban the beer festival states:

"Do your part as a citizen of Golden to counteract the glamorization of alcoholism by NOT going to the beer festival. Golden is a family-oriented town and will NOT be introduced to alcohol/marijuana activities of events that promote them. Keep alcohol/drug actives and their associated people OUT of Golden to keep our families safe."

The flyer and a response can be seen here:

Credit: reddit, u/tdevine33
Credit: reddit, u/tdevine33

The irony in this flyer is that the person states Golden is a family oriented town... Which is true. Golden also happens to be home to Coors... the largest brewery in the world. Coors employs over 1,000 Colorado residents. I'm sure you can see where I am going with this point. Coors is a vital and major part of the history and economy in Golden. If you didn't want beer so close in your life, whether that be the smell of barley in the air or beer festivals down the street from your place of residence, you would have certainly picked another town to move to.


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