Cleaning is the dirtiest word you can use when there's shopping and dining and new movies for the holidays, but these ingenious life hacks may change the way you view cleaning, at least the first time you try them, cause you gotta try them.

Life Hacks Cleaning D Dennison
Life Hacks Cleaning D Dennison


  • Permanent Marker: try toothpaste
  • Freeze lemon rind in ice cubes to clean the garbage disposal
  • Use a lint roller to dust lamp shades
  • Attach a mustard type lid to the vacuum hose to get into the cracks
  • Coconut oil mixed with baking soda will remove gunk like sticking residue left over from removing stickers and price tags from things
  • Break a glass, don't fret, use a piece of bread to pick up the shards
  • Cheese all stuck up in your grater, clean it with a potato
  • Dishwasher smelling a little funky, run an empty load with vinegar
  • Lemon and kosher salt is a perfect way to clean your wood cutting board
  • A grapefruit half with salt will clean your bathtub

You know that you just said to yourself, ooh, I gotta try that... well, get busy. Let us know if they worked for you, take a pic or a video and pass it along to us-you could be the next life hack star on our station.

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