My wife, Jenny, and I are just about to undertake the biggest project of our lives. Our house is an absolute disaster. We are vowing to clean up the mess one room at a time. In our life together we have accumulated piles and piles of possessions. We no longer have a place to store it all, so it gets scattered and stacked on any surface available.

We recently helped Jenny's parents move from Fort Collins to Loveland, after 44 years in the same house. They had accumulated a lifetime of stuff. Going through all of that has inspired us to go through our own house and make some changes.

This Youtube video marks the beginning of our journey. Watch to see an example of what we are up against:

This will be a journey that will take several months to complete as we purge 24 years of things from our life. We will start with the living room. Here are a few pictures of what we have to deal with:


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