I am not sure if it was something I ate or drank last night, but I had an odd dream involving country singer Dustin Lynch last night. No... I wasn't THAT type of dream, you weirdos, so get that thought our of your head right now.

"FOX & Friends" All American Concert Series - Dustin Lynch
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What was the dream? Well I somehow was at a Dustin Lynch concert and ended up hanging out with him after the show. We had a few drinks and got to talking about, of all things, firewood. We talked about how profitable it would be to have our own firewood stand, cut our own firewood on his land on the weekdays and sell on a corner out in the country. We even had a promotion in mind... Buy 5 bundles of premium firewood and get a bag a marshmallows for free.

I told you it was a weird dream. I now have the urge to listen to Dustin Lynch and have a campfire however.

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