I-70 in Colorado being a mess...I mean there aren't too many times that THAT statement is incorrect and once again that was the case last night in what hopefully isn't a prelude of things to come this winter but let's face it, it probably is.

Down here in NoCo and along the Front Range, the winds were whipping up all day, in fact I had to turn off my big Halloween inflatable in my front yard and we even lost a gravestone that blew away as well. Later in the evening, those North winds came blasting through even harder with the addition of some hail and sleet, rain and even some thunder. It was quite the mixed bag of goodies.

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Up in the higher elevations, it was worse...a LOT worse in fact as driving conditions became extremely hazardous with several accidents reported near the Loveland Pass area on I-70 which in turn forced closures throughout the evening and overnight hours.


Just a week ago, I was driving this stretch of freeway enjoying a bright, sun soaked 80 degree day with the vibrant fall colors up against that famous Colorado blue sky. My how quickly things can change.

The freeway was closed from around 6:45pm to 9:15 after a bunch of spinouts and accidents were reported.

On a side note, it's super important to make sure your vehicle is winterproofed especially your tires because apparently the pandemic (to add to the LOOOOOOOON G list of things it's affected) has apparently affected the tire industry with a shortage causing delays in getting them to the stores and on vehicles that need them.

For a checklist of things to properly winterize your car, click HERE.



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