Valentine's Day is coming fast and you and your significant other just might be in the mood for love. Be careful where this takes you because getting down in a public place in Colorado can end up costing you some money.

The question is can you make whoopee in your car in the state of Colorado? Well, you can, but is this against the law?

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Colorado's Public Indecency Laws

The statute that explains public indecency in Colorado is CRS 18-7-301. This law prohibits exposing genitalia or other private parts in public. This statute also makes sex in public places illegal in Colorado. What is the fine for getting caught having sex in public?

In Colorado, running around in your birthday suit in public is considered a petty crime. In extreme cases, you could be looking at up to 10 days in jail. Most of the time, you'll get a fine for $300, and you'll be told to go find some pants.

Indecent Exposure VS. Public Indecency in Colorado

Pretty easy to figure out the difference between these two. Flashing someone your genitalia to satisfy a sexual desire is indecent exposure in Colorado.

Public indecency in Colorado includes activities like sexual intercourse. Dressing in a way that exposes parts of the body with the intent to arouse others can also be charged as public indecency. Public Indecency in Colorado is explained in statute CRS 18-7-301.

Legal Defense in Colorado

Legal defense of an indecent exposure charge in Colorado or a charge for public indecency includes:

  • Proving the report of exposure is simply not true.
  • Proving the exposure was accidental or not intentional.
  • Proving the exposed person was not actually you.
  • Prove there was no actual exposure of genitalia or adult parts.
  • Prove the exposure did not cause any harm to anyone.

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