Have you heard of lane splitting? The law allows motorcycle riders to ride in between lanes. Some states offer complete lane splitting for motorcyclists, which means that they can ride in between lanes whenever they want.

Some states have restrictive lane splitting. Utah, for example, only allows motorcyclists to be in the middle of the lane during high traffic times.

Colorado is now joining three other states and will allow lane splitting.

When Lane Splitting Will Be Legal in Colorado


The bill for lane splitting has officially been signed into law.

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Lane splitting will become legal on August 7.

Colorado Law Will Be Different

Colorado's lane splitting law will be extremely restrictive. Do not expect a motorcycle rider to be riding on the pavement markings on the highway. Colorado law says that motorcyclists can only lane split when they are in traffic or going less than 15 mph.

This detail might put you at ease.

Is This Safe?

Of course, there is still some risk. I am fairly certain that a side mirror or two will be broken. Leaders believe that lane splitting will actually be more safe.


Weinberg says that hot weather, sitting in traffic, and breathing in toxic fumes could be extremely harmful to an individual on a motorcycle.

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