It helps get the word out about the smallest and silliest ideas because most of the time they work and they help reduce stress in the house and on the bank account.


Household Tips that will blow your mind:

  • Store a couple of marshmallows with your brown sugar to keep it soft
  • Use Fingernail polish to color keys and say goodbye to fumbling for the right key
  • Re-freshen you sponges by dipping into a solution of vinegar and lemon juice and microwave for one minute
  • Use a post-it not to catch the dust when drilling a hole-fold it in half, stick it on the wall under where you will be drilling and it will catch the dust
  • Need a watering can, but can't see spending what most stores charge for them? Rinse out an old milk gallon, put several holes in the lid and you'll have an instant, economical watering can
  • Use a paper plate as a shield when using your hand mixer to catch the splattering. Just stick the beaters through the plate when you stick them into the main mixing unit
  • Use wax paper atop your cupboards to catch the grease and dust in the kitchen, clean up has never been easier, just change the paper every three months or sooner
  • Throwing a party and want clear ice cubes? Boil water first then freeze and it won't turn cloudy like a typical home made ice cube

Go forth and be creative.

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