Turns out, if you Google 'hot veterinarian' (which I did), Colorado State University alumnus Dr. Evan Antin comes up -- immediately.

Never have I been more proud to share an alma mater. From the Huffington Post to Buzzfeed to Elle, this Instagram-famous animal-loving man and his picture-perfect smile are going viral and stealing hearts (while operating on them) everywhere.

Taking your dog in for a routine heart worm treatment never sounded so great, but according to the Huffinton Post, the doctor who was named 'Sexiest Beast Charmer alive by People magazine' resides in Thousand Oaks, California (sigh) and is engaged (SIGHHHH).

However, we can still gawk at his Instagram '#pelfies' and play a round of 'Who's Cuter: The Sick Baby Animal or the Vet?'

Via dr.evanantin on Instagram.com.

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