There's only a handful of drive-in movie theaters left in the United States, and we're lucky to have one in our own backyard at the Holiday Twin.

Last Halloween, I went to the drive-in in Fort Collins for the first time for The Shining, and not only was it was freezing, but my friend's car battery died. That's when the staff came to our rescue and jumped her car. We still had fun, but we both thought we should give it another try in the summer.

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I finally got to see my first movie at the Holiday Twin this summer and in a vintage '60s Ford truck at that. It felt just like it's supposed to — something Architectural Digest can also appreciate.

When it comes to mid-century design, boomerang tables and walnut credenzas get all the love. But what about drive-in movie theaters? Although many succumbed to the popularity of indoor cinemas, followed by the rise of Netflix, about 350 remain in operation today, a steep dive from the 4,000 or so that once served as after-dark entertainment during summer. - Architectural Digest

AD named Holiday Twin on their list of 25 most-charming drive-ins in the country, and you can see the rest of the list of nostalgic theaters here.

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