Meet Holden Ringer. A temporary resident here in Colorado.

Ringer is on a mission to walk across the entire nation. Ringer started his journey in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, and he his trek is leading him to the Atlantic Ocean.

I first learned about Ringer on r/Colorado on Reddit.

... journey that will span 3000+ miles and take over 6 months to complete. What I will carry will be limited to what I can carry on my back. Although this is mostly a solo trip, anyone is welcome to join for segments along the way. - Holden Ringer

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Holden Ringer's Massive Colorado Stop

Ringer has been in Colorado since July 16th and has been enjoying Colorado life. On his Instagram, Ringer has been staying in an apartment in Denver. Ringer has enjoyed his time here in the Centennial State and is going to move to his next adventure soon.

Why Is Holden Ringer Walking Across America?


According to his website, this is the reason.

For myself, the question of “why are you walking across America?” is pretty straightforward. I want to walk across America because I like walking, I think it will be a rewarding experience, and it is a journey I am
capable of undertaking.

His Trek Is Starting Again

Ringer is going to continue his Walk to Washington adventure on September 25th. Ringer says that he will be heading east before snow and colder temperatures affect his ability to complete his journey.

Want To Follow the Journey?

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