Load up the car one last time before the sun sets on summer.

Don't get me wrong, summer is far from over. However, it's not to early to make plans for the final summer trip. You know, one last adventure before the monotony of school takes over everyone's lives.

You could take a big vacation like a cruise or a trip to Disney World. That would be a fantastic trip, but at this point in the summer, if you haven't already planned something like that, staying in the state may be your best bet.

Recently, Red Tricycle compiled a list of the "One Thing You MUST Do in Every State with Kids."

In the state of Colorado, they recommend Great Sand Dunes National Park which looks awesome! You can spend the day surfing the dunes and then cool off in Medano Creek. It's probably the only place in the world where there are sand dunes with snow-capped mountains in the background.

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