This week we talked about trying to get Dave & Busters to come to Foothills, but we need a backup idea. Here is one idea you may not know about, but you'll love.

Let me take a minute to introduce you to a retailer who has primarily had an east coast presence, but is getting closer to closer to the west coast. The store we are talking about is Christmas Tree Shops.


Now before you start asking on why we need a year round Christmas store in Northern Colorado, that is not what Christmas Tree Shop is.

Think Target and K-Mart mixed together, but a bit more modern with even more deals than those two stores combined.

It's a store you can save tons of money at, like this customer shows in a video they posted on Youtube recently as they did a tour of the store:



What are some of the deals that Christmas Tree Shop offers that would make it be impactful in Northern Colorado? Check these out:

And the deals don't stop there. If you visit a Christmas Tree Shop on the east coast, you will notice that they are continuously busy any day of the year. And you can literally fill up your cart and still walk away with a bill under $100.00.

Whether it's Dave & Buster's, Christmas Tree Shop, or something else...I think we can all agree that we just want something different coming into the new Foothills Mall.

Make it stand out...

Make Foothills THE destination shopping area in all of Northern Colorado...

We think these ideas would put them over the top!


What do you think?







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