Is it ever too early to start thinking about Halloween? 'Absolutely, Alex,' you might say. 'For goodness’ sake, it’s the dead of winter and we only just started a new year!' To which I would reply, ‘bold of you to assume Halloween ever ended.’

And in this case, I believe I would win the argument because here, there be witches.

That’s right, it turns out the magical community of Denver is doing the most, and it’s serving them well. According to this article in The Denver Post, interest in the occult has been rising like no other, and Denver is the place to be if you want to figure out how to turn whoever keyed your car into a newt.

Well, ok, they might not be able to do that, exactly. The modern-day witch is less about summoning Satan in your living room and more about a nature-based, diverse and authentic spirituality that is open and accepting to anyone. Of course, there are the more obviously witch-y components to this spirituality, such as tarot card reading, palmistry, and lunar astrology. But they also practice more common traditions such as meditation and attunement to nature, all of which contributes to one’s spiritual journey. For a lot of people, that’s the draw of modern-day witchcraft—being able to pick and choose the traditions they enjoy the most, creating a spirituality that feels right when others might not do the trick.

BuzzFeedVideo via YouTube
BuzzFeedVideo via YouTube

If you’re at all curious or intrigued, you don’t have far to go to investigate. There’s a store called Ritualcravt located at 2842 W. 44th Ave. in Denver, though it will soon move into a larger space at 44th and Wadsworth Boulevard due to popular demand. The shop has everything from spell supplies and books to decorations and notebooks, not to mention the variety of classes that Ritualcravt offers. They range from ‘Witch 101’ to demonology; so you’ll be covered whether you just want to dip your toes in the supernatural stream or dive in head first. Heck, you don’t even have to leave your couch, because they offer online courses as well.

So, if you just finished The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and are curious about the real thing, crack open your laptop or head down to Denver. And flag me down if they actually do show you how to turn someone into a newt.

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I’m gonna miss this little storefront when we move (photo by @mdv1216) Btw we are not moving locations until around March as we have some renovations to do! But the move will give us 4000sq ft of retail space, a generous library, a private classroom about the size of our current shop, a full off-street parking lot, a greenhouse (!!) and event space. Our neighbors will be the amazing @allsacredtattoo ! And the new shop is just three miles down the road from our current space, on the same street I cannot wait to show you all what’s coming. I have some serious plans for more non-profit work, more community-focused events, and bringing in ALOT of new product lines. My shop ethos has always been to support small makers (not just our own work) and I cannot wait to be able to share more of my favourite makers with Denver and beyond #communityfirst

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