It's something that I've witnessed and seen happening for years. While I have a general idea of the concept of the flashing light when it comes to big rig drivers, there are times when many folks are unsure as to why truckers are flashing their lights at them.

So let's break it down for a minute.

It's always been known that if you're going in the opposite direction of a truck with the flashing headlights, that usually means there is a cop or some sort of traffic incident that the truck has just passed, and flashing the headlights is just a warning for you to be aware.

Lately, and I don't know if this is just my imagination or not, the flashing of lights seems to be happening more, and I was unsure why because most of the time I would keep on driving and not see any police officer or danger. So I started wondering why the truck was flashing its lights.

Most of the time, even when they're behind you, truckers are flashing their headlights to communicate with you. Often, when truckers receive important information or warnings on their CB, they will flash their headlights. So, just a good rule of thumb, if you see a truck flashing its headlights, it's probably a good time to be extra cautious and aware of everything going on around you.

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When passing a big rig, truckers will flash their headlights sometimes to let you know it's okay for you to get back in the right lane if needed. Likewise, you can communicate back with them by flashing your headlights to let them know the same thing. Or, if they're merging onto a freeway, this tells them that it's okay for them to merge into the lane.

Truckers have a very important and tough job most of the time, driving with deadlines in all sorts of weather, traffic conditions, and long hours. Let's all get along and play nice on the roads because lives are on the line.

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