A famously haunted hotel in Denver, Colorado may quite possibly become the first marijuana-friendly hotel in the state.

The Patterson Inn

Denver's Patterson Inn is located at, ironically, 420 East 11th Avenue and the current owner, Chris Chiari, is looking to make it the Centennial State's first marijuana-friendly hotel. Also, in another ironic twist, the Denver City Council approved an overhaul of the laws that pertain to marijuana consumption in the city earlier this year on, you guessed it, April 20th.

Red Tape to Jump Through

Despite the newly approved overhaul of the Mile High City's marijuana consumption laws, the hotel still doesn't fall within what is called the 'hospitality licensing program,' which was part of the overhaul, because it is currently considered a multi-unit property. However, Chiari is still pushing forward with his ultimate plan.

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A Possible Work-Around

The hotel's owner has argued that the hotel should be eligible to be marijuana-friendly because it is not located within 1000-feet of a daycare center, drug treatment center, city-owned park, pool, or recreational center. In addition, the newly overhauled laws, set to be put into place this coming November, will give numerous types of businesses the opportunity to become marijuana-friendly.

These types of businesses include mobile lounges, dispensaries, cafes, yoga studios, as well as other types of businesses. Once approved, patrons of these businesses will be able to consume marijuana in said establishments.

Marijuana was legalized for recreational use back in 2012 and because Colorado was one of the first to do so, our state has served as sort of a guinea pig as far as regulation goes.


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