Making new friends as an adult can be a tall order.

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You think to yourself, why is this so much harder than when I was a kid? What's different?

If you have asked yourself those questions, you are not alone. It is difficult to make new friends when you're an adult. If you're lucky, you have hung onto your high school and college friends.

Believe It Or Not, Experience Is Not Your Friend


The main reason it is difficult, according to research, is due to lack of trust.

Additionally, we value our time more the older we get. We have more obligations and things we need to take care of. I wish my biggest concern at home is making sure my room was clean before my mom got home.

What Are Northern Coloradans Saying About Making New Friends?

On r/FortCollins on Reddit, somebody asked the question.

Those of you in your 30s, where are y’all going to make friends?
by u/speeduponthedamnramp in FortCollins

It's A Valid Question


Looking through the comments I related to quite a few of the responses. Here are a few that struck me.

It Could Be Your Age

I don’t think it’s the location, but maybe the age-group. I’ve lived in multiple countries, in multiple states, and I only ever make friends at work. - Electronic_Shape_725

A Transplants Perspective

...I left a state of generally very unfriendly-to-hostile people when I moved here and people are absolutely nicer on the Front Range and in Colorado overall. However, I have found it exceptionally difficult to form lasting friendships, especially as someone in that general age range. I think it’s oddly harder to find real friends here, because there isn’t the harsh, cynical, and abrasive environment of the Northeastern United States that brings people together out of necessity. - Ceanothusamericanus

A Positive Outlook

I think Fort Collins is a great place to make friends in your 30s — I found my friend group through hobbies and other loose ties that turned into friendships. - moth_eater

Here Is An Idea

Start playing pickleball. You'll meet a bazillion people in a very short time. It's also cheap and addictingly fun. - tjwellman

If You Are Having A Hard Time Making Friends, Do Not Beat Yourself Up

person alone at beach

It is completely normal to have a difficult time making friends as an adult. Our focus is divided in so many directions. In order to make new friends it will take time. Try a new hobby, go to a new coffee shop or reach out to a group on Facebook. There are many resources you can use. Unfortunately, it just takes a ton of more effort.

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