Have you ever noticed that homes in Colorado have specific colored light bulbs on their porch? No, we are not talking about holiday decorations or anything like that, we are talking about a single color.

More often than not, single-colored porch lights can hold a significant meaning. The most popular is blue.

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Blue porch lights show support for law enforcement. Not only do members of law enforcement have these porch lights, but community members show their support by installing these lights as well.

Colorado Homes Support Many Causes


Many homes are equipped with custom LED lights. Brands like Govee and WiZ make homes easily customizable and you can control the colors and brightness directly on your phone.

Coloradans can make their homes any color they want, but Coloradans can also customize their homes to raise awareness for different causes.

The Meaning Behind the Green Porch Light

YouTube Screenshot: Did You Know?
YouTube Screenshot: Did You Know?

A green porch light in Colorado shows appreciation to veterans of the US military. According to the Association of the United States Army, many people will leave their green porch light on to show appreciation year-round, but many people will specifically have a green porch light on around Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

If you would like to show support to US Veterans, you should consider buying a green bulb. If you would like to support various causes, we would recommend buying a smart bulb to show your support.

A green porch light can also be seen in March when people are celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

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