A Greeley Central High School Senior was found on Wednesday morning  (September 2) with a gun and ammunition in his backpack. Authorities have said all students are safe.

As the Greeley Tribune reported, school violence is never a good subject, especially when it hits close to home. Thankfully there wasn't any violence that came out of this incident.

The student was arrested on Wednesday morning after school administrators found a gun and ammunition in his backpack, after a search.

This started after administrators responded to a report of students smoking marijuana on campus.

The students were asked to come inside, then had their backpacks searched based on probable cause. Administrators found marijuana in two of the backpacks during the search. The last backpack contained an unloaded .38 caliber handgun in a holster and ammunition in a separate pouch.

The student said initially that the gun wasn't his and didn't give a reason to bring it to school.

The parents of the student were called.

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