Colorado Parks and Wildlife was able to spot a gray wolf in the Northern Colorado area in January. Officials were able to place a GPS tracker on the wolf after confirming that the animal was indeed a wolf that was traveling with another collared wolf that entered the state in 2019.

Wild Place Project Welcomes A Pack Of Wolves
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During the process, the wolf was able to get loose from the net and crossed into Wyoming. Colorado Parks and Wildlife were able to subdue the wolf via helicopter with a net and tranquilizer. Officials stayed with the wolf until it was alert and mobile.

The wolf was given a health exam and has been deemed in good health. The four-year-old male weighs approximately 110 pounds. In November of 2020, a ballot issue passed to reintroduce wolves back into western Colorado. Colorado Parks and Wildlife are currently working on a strategy for reintroduction.

Colorado Parks & Wildife said the current plan is to reintroduce gray wolves to the western part of the state by 2023. CPW will closely monitor the population.

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Source: KDVR

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