Katie took her dog Manny to the Windsor Lake dog park over the weekend for a little fun in the sun. Little did she know that Manny was in danger that day. Manny the dog was out playing in the water when his foot got caught in the lake and he was pulled under.

Credit: Katie Works
Credit: Katie Works

Thanks to the swift actions of two groups of people, Manny was rescued from the water and what could have been a heartbreaking day. Katie said in a Facebook post on the Loveland, Fort Collins and Windsor Online Garage Sale group that she got to thank one couple that helped out, but did not get the chance to say thank you to the other man that assisted as he left soon after the incident.

I reached out to Katie to talk about what happened, she said " I am eternally thank for to the two men who were willing to jump in the water without hesitation to help me save my dog.". As for the gentleman that she was not able to thank she added "If you see this, I can't thank you enough. I owe you a beer!"

Katie took Manny to the vet to be checked out and he is doing fine and his lungs are clear. She credits his clean bill of health to the bystanders who helped save him.



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