Summertime is grilling season and we know after a nice slab of meat charred on the grill that nothing is more tasty than making s'mores. Who doesn't love toasting a marshmallow and throwing it on a chocolate bar and graham cracker?

We all have our methods for roasting the mallow. Some people love to start it on fire and make it black as coal. I like to rotate mine till it is a nice golden brown all the way around but never catches fire. The one big problem with s'mores is that you always want some more. I have found the perfect ingredient to help make one serving enough...gigantic marshmallows!!

kyla mallow

I found these Campfire Marshmallows at my local Wal-Mart. These bad boys are as big as a cat's head and overfill a cracker like me in a speedo. Sorry about that visual. Not only are these mallows awesome for s'mores but if used properly can keep your wife quiet as well. Pick yourself up a bag and get ready for a treat that would even satisfy Godzilla.

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