"Goat Yoga is a thing". It's real! It's people doing yoga with goats climbing on top of them...and yes, sometimes the goats poop and pee on the participants.

It all happened over the weekend at Water Valley in Windsor with a group from The Pilates Yoga Company.

My friend, Tori, took pictures and video of the craziness for me. She told me that they are planning another Goat Yoga session some time in November.

Check out this YouTube video to find out what Goat Yoga really looks like:

A special thank you to Maila Rider with The Pilates Yoga Company in Windsor. She shared with me last night:

Super fun 2nd time with these 4 adorable little critters. It seemed like an odd combination, certainly not one I would have ever come up with, but it is proven to help people with PTSD. When the baby kids first visited us, it strangely was not unusual at all... in fact, while the Yoga aspect may have been slightly compromised by the distraction of these cuddly, curious climbers it seemed to be the most natural collaboration. In my 20 years in this industry this is the most exciting, quickest filling offering I have ever had.

Tori Hartman took these wonderful photos:


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