The goats are loose, the goats are loose...and they apparently don't have a very good sense of direction. Weed eating goats made a wrong turn and ended up hanging out on the streets of Boulder, much to the surprise of its residents.

According to 9 News and the Boulder County Sheriff's Department, the goats were supposed to be chewing up weeds elsewhere but ended up on a road in a neighborhood after making a wrong turn.

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The sheriffs were having some fun with this one and understandably so: “I have no idea how I goat here,” one goat apparently replied when asked why they were in the neighborhood, according to the sheriff's office.

Facebook/ Boulder County Sheriffs

I've been hearing more and more about the benefits of using goats to do this kind of weeding work in Colorado and beyond. Most recently, I wrote about a mother and son team that actually own their own local business...and their business is goats, in particular, weed eating goats and the benefits of using goats for this kind of stuff.

In addition to the goats doing all of the weeding work for you, their hooves are apparently good for the soil and their waste fertilizes the native grasses.

That all sounds great, but for ME, but honestly it's as simple as me just being too lazy to pull weeds myself and not wanting to do let's just bring the goats in.

Seriously though...we have a ton of weeds and I need some help.

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