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17-year-old Carter grew up on a farm in between Grand Junction and Palisade. He's a senior at Palisade High School and is taking concurrent classes at Colorado Mesa University. Carter's family has always had goats since he was a little kid. He's grown up helping out with dairy products and has spent a lot of time around goats, horses, rabbits, and chickens.

He saw someone on YouTube taking their goats out on hikes and camping and got an idea to try to do the same. His parents wouldn't let him get another dog, his current one is a Boston Terrier who he wouldn't be able to handle the altitude, so went with a goat instead. Carter's mom knows a ton about goats and picked one who was born on the property is very sweet.

She picked a sweet, nice goat that they think is going to get really big and his name is Iowa. They think Iowa will go so big his back will be at Carter's hip. The pack/hiking goat is a Nubian goat and looks like he has a blast with Carter.

He's been working with Iowa since he was a little guy and has been trying to get him out and about once a day. Here are the places that they've hiked so far:

  • Mount Garfield + surrounding trails
  • Lower Rim Trail in Palisade
  • Part of Upper Rim Trail in Palisade
  • Trails in Cameo

Carter's goal with Iowa is to be able to backpack into places that are pretty remote and pack any trash out, with Iowa's help. He wants to be able to go somewhere that's 10 miles away, camp there for a while, and pack a bunch of trash out. Carter would love to hike 14ers with Iowa but is taking the time to do his research and train before he hikes any 14ers with him.

Their first trash mission was down the street from Carter's house at a local pond. Iowa ended up packing out about 10 pounds of beer bottles and other trash and did absolutely amazing. We would be so happy if we came across Iowa the goat picking up trash with Carter.

Carter got into fly fishing and Trout Unlimited inspired Carter to start packing out trash. They pushed him to be a conscious fisherman and take care of and protect his surrounding. He's done some volunteer/conservation work with Trout Unlimited Youth Camps.

We're looking forward to when we come across Iowa the goat and Carter on a local hiking trail or pond and you can see more pictures of their adventures here.

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