The smallest "mall" in the world might actually be in Garfield, Colorado.

We're saying might because, as it turns out, there's not a lot of research about tiny shopping centers. We're putting mall in quotes because this one isn't open anymore.

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Still, semantics aside, we think this Colorado mall could have been the smallest in the world at some point.

Google Street View
Garfield's only mall. Courtesy of Google Street View.

Before someone calls Guinness World Records, let's investigate.

What is Garfield, Colorado?

No, we're not talking about Garfield County. According to, the town of Garfield is an unincorporated community near Salida in Chaffee County.

Although the 2020 U.S. Census reports that Garfield has a population of 27, the Salida Archive classifies it as a ghost town, noting that a devastating saloon fire wiped out the area in 1883.

Despite this, some buildings and cabins remain in Garfield — including the mysterious mall.

What is the deal with Garfield's only mall?

Looking at the sign, Garfield's only mall boasted a deli, a grocery store, a liquor store, a mechanic, and truck chain rentals. It appears to have had an official name — something that had the letters T, Y, and S.

Instant Street View
Garfield's only mall. Courtesy of Google Street View.

Unfortunately, there is nothing about this mall on the Internet (or, at least, we can't find anything).

However, a search for the world's smallest mall only comes up with angry reviews about inadequate retail centers and a 1985 article about a tiny mall in Rhode Island.

So, you know what? We're claiming it: the world's smallest mall. See more of what Colorado's ghost towns have to offer in the gallery below.

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