Here's one way to combat a national pilot shortage -

In an effort to attract more individuals towards a career in aviation, Frontier Airlines has launched a new program to recruit new pilots - in particular, those with no flying experience.

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The Denver-based airline company announced back in July that they'd be launching a cadet program to train the next generation of Frontier pilots.

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About Frontier's New F9 Flight Cadet Program

Frontier Airlines' new Flight Cadet Program, operated in partnership with ATP Flight School, will welcome up to 35 individuals per month who seek to become commercial airline pilots, the company says. 

What's more? You don't even need to have any prior flying experience to join the program. 

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“This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a commercial airline pilot,” Brad Lambert, vice president of flight operations at Frontier Airlines said.

“We are putting this program in place to not only train future pilots but to help them overcome the barriers to entry people may encounter when trying to pursue an aviation career. We are thrilled to embark on this journey that will lead us to a new generation of Frontier Airlines pilots.”

Program Requirements

Frontier Airlines might be targeting experienceless candidates now, but by the time selected individuals have completed the new program, they will be equipped to fly the skies.

Every candidate selected to join Frontier's new aviation program will be required to complete the two-year program, in addition to accumulating 15 flying hours as well as earning an Airline Transport Pilot License.

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"Our training program doesn't change, they have to meet all the requirements of our training program. They will be safe, proficient pilots by the time they will come to us," Lambert told 9News.

The Cost Of Flight School

The cost to become a pilot might be hefty, but so is the return - and Frontier is willing to help.

The cost of flight school will run cadets about $90,000, which is on the cadets to pay. However, Frontier says they will offer stipends and some financial support before the cadets have a full-time job with the company.

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Not to mention, the average first officer will earn around $100,0000 in their first year on the job.

"It's a pretty lucrative business. Lots of good benefits, a good retirement plan," Lambert said.

Want to apply for Frontier's new Flight Cadet Program?

According to the airline, all aspiring cadets must be at least 19 years old, willing to relocate, and be able to clear a background check.

While an associate degree or higher is preferred, it is not required to apply.

"Participants’ progress will be monitored throughout the program and they must pass all required tests as well as obtain all necessary certifications prior to becoming a Frontier pilot. Partnerships with aviation university programs will be integrated, as well, to create a complete academic training experience" Frontier says. 

For more information and/or to apply for Frontier Airlines' Flight Cadet Program, click here. 

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