Time to open the ole vault and pull out a classic for our Friday Flashback. This one is really a cool story. This week David Lee Murphy has the number one song in the country with "Everything's Gonna Be Alright". This is so awesome because everyone in the business loves David and he has been writing smash hits for decades. He made a lot of hits for himself in the 90's but then focused on being one of Nashville's greatest song writers.

What is really cool about DLM's comeback is that it created something rather unheard of. David hit number one back in 1995 with "Dust on the Bottle" and would wait 23 years to do it again. That is quite a span between number one's and is the true definition of a successful comeback. Great to have one of the good guys back. Here is that first number one from David Lee Murphy from 1995. Habajeeba!

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