We may have celebrated a football championship in the past year, and the Broncos are loved all across Northern Colorado, but that doesn't translate to being one of the best.

According to WalletHub, out of 244 cities that were ranked for how good they are for football fans, Fort Collins ranks at #220 across America.

Greeley comes in at #148 in the rankings.

The city of Denver places at #16.

The entire study was put together using 17 different valuations for each city including number of NFL and college teams, fan friendliness, and average ticket price for an NFL game.

One thing that all cities in Colorado have in common is a successful football team, as the Broncos success over the past few years places Denver as the #2 city in America for best performing professional team, right behind the city of Boston.

Out of 46 mid-sized cities, Fort Collins ranks at #43.

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